Yup, there’s going to be another gotoAndSki.

This time it will take place in the Swiss Alps. After the success in Norway, this conference had to be repeated. Set aside January every year in your calendar because you’ll be in the Alps in the coolest Flash/Flex/Mobile conference ever.

Airboard: Jens and Fernando

The original format will be the same: Ski, Snowboard, Airboard, Sled, or just relaxing in a terrace during the day, followed by sessions and possible workshop after the slopes close. Having fun and networking during the day and keeping the technical and creative content to the cozy atmosphere in the chalet conference room (with a break for dinner) worked really well at Stechelberg and Galdhøpiggen, just ask anyone who was there. To maintain this atmosphere, the tickets will be capped to 100 attendees.

The venue is secured and the chalets are ready. The cosy chalets are just next to the Venue, so you can take it all out in the slopes. Tickets include the stay in these chalets with buffet breakfast, snack to take for the slopes and 3 course dinner at the venue’s restaurant.

Watch this blog in the days to come for posts detailing how to get there, the speakers and sessions, ski pass and equipment rental pricing (special deal negotiation in progress), what you should bring and everything else you should know.

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