Hotel Stechelberg. In the small village of Stechelberg. At the heart of the Swiss Alps. This is where the sessions and dinner will take place. The conference room witnessed its first geek conference ever last year, since it’s used mostly for the local yodelers to practice and occasional snow rescue and helicopter pilot team meetings. The accommodation is included on your gotoAndSki ticket for the 3 nights.

This lovely hotel and restaurant is composed of the main traditional building and its chalets, where attendees will stay and enjoy a really nice buffet breakfast with different kinds of local cheese, home-made yogurt, bread, ham, delicacies, cereals, juice, Nutella, jam, fresh eggs and plenty of alpine specialties. This is also included in your ticket and will be perfect just before jumping in the cable-car and hitting the slopes.

The chalet rooms are mostly shared double rooms with twin beds. First ticket buyers will be distributed by the double rooms and then triple and 4-bed rooms. Some rooms have private toilets/shower and others have a shared bathroom and showers on each floor, shared by 2 or 3 rooms. All rooms have heating, washbasin, table and chairs. Remember, best rooms are distributed by order or tickets sold, first ones get the best. Not a big deal, as all are excellent anyway, just a matter of with how many people you’ll have to share yours and if you have a separate or shared shower/toilet.

The slopes will close around 5pm and everyone will meet at the venue at 7pm for the 1st session. Dinner (also included) will be served after this session and after dinner there will be another two sessions. This will be the same formula for the 3 days but starting slightly earlier on the last day.

The venue is actually the entire Jungfrau region, because this is where you’re going to be during the day, networking with other attendees and having fun in the snow. If you Ski, Snowboard or want to try Airboard, or if you’re not that extreme and just want to have fun Sledding, or you just want to have some beers or hot-chocolate and chat with some other attendees, I’m more than sure that you’ll love this place and this conference, as everyone did last year.

IMPORTANT: If you want to stay longer that the 3 included nights, there’s a special deal for gotoAndSki attendees: 62 CHF each extra night with buffet breakfast. You’ll have to send an email in advance telling how many extra nights you need before and/or after the included ones.


gotoAndSki tickets include breakfast every morning, lunch snack to take to he slopes, and a 3-course dinner for the 3 nights of the event. Food at the chalet restaurant is really excellent as you will witness, with an highlight to the traditional Swiss specialties. The menu is listed below:

First night (Thursday):
Rösti with veal sausage (and mixed salad)
Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with hot berries

Second night (Friday):
Cheese fondue (and mixed salad)
Dessert: Fruit salad with one scoop of ice cream

Last night (Saturday):
Pork roast with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Dessert: Vanilla ice cram with hot chocolate sauce

IMPORTANT: If you have any special dietary requirements please email. There’s great alternatives available (I’m vegan and gluten-free, and the staff was always helpful and always get me excellent meals).


Please check this page for ski-pass prices. There’s 2 main resorts in the region, the closest one to the venue (and the one everyone preferred last year) being Mürren-Schilthorn (cable-car station at walking distance from the hotel). The other one being Grindelwald-Wengen. I definitely recommend you to get a full Jungfrau region ticket (all regions/resorts) for the 3 days. It’s not a huge price difference and you’ll get access to every bus, cable-car, gondola, lift, train and even some snow-amusements.  Apart from that, there’s a special deal for gotoAndSki attendees, and you can get this 3-day full region pass for only 158 CHF instead of 180 CHF (read the note below).

IMPORTANT: in order to get this special 3-day deal you have to email your full name and birthdate the latest 3 days before the event. You’ll need to have that amount ready in cash during breakfast on the 1st day (Thursday), when passes will be distributed.

Even if you are not a Skier or Snowboarder, I recommend you to definitely get a pass. At least for one of the regions for a couple of days. You can always try Sledding, Airboard or just exploring this amazing region, relaxing in any of the amazing panoramic terraces for a beer or hot-chocolate, hopping in any transportation system whenever you like (up to Interlaken). This also gives you access to the Schilthorn, with an nice breath-taking view and a 360° revolving restaurant at the top, where I recommend everyone to join for lunch on the second day. You can always pay for each cable-car / train ride but it ends up far more expensive.

With any pass, discounted or not, you can add additional days afterward for 50 CHF/Day.


gotoAndSki attendees get a 12% discount on equipment! And possibly more, depending in how many get in the list (below) until the event.

1 day | 2 days | 3 days | 4 days
(Prices in CHF with 12% discount, original price striked)

Premium Ski equipment (Ski+boots):
76 67 CHF | 137 120 CHF | 179 157 CHF | 221 194 CHF

Economy Ski or Snowboard equipment (Ski/Board + boots):
57 50 CHF | 102 89 CHF | 129 113 CHF | 156 137 CHF

Speed Sledge (really cool one)

15 13 CHF | 26 22 CHF | 34 29 CHF | 62 54 CHF

Normal Sledge (classic wooden one)
7 6 CHF| 12 10 CHF | 15 13 CHF | 18 15 CHF

(There’s also helmets for rental for a small addition)

IMPORTANT: in order to get this discounted prices, please email your full name and what you plan to rent (you can change it later, it’s just for planning) as well as your shoe size if it’s Ski or Snowboard. Please do this the latest 3 days before gotoAndSki.



For any other question you might have: